STANCO a stepping stone to new beginnings  
Working with the community to make your home safe.

STANCO works hand in hand with Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services to place individuals in to transitional housing with the goal to be place into permanent housing.
Flexible, reliable and on your side.
25Years Of Experience
It is the mission of the Stanislaus County Affordable Housing Corporation (STANCO) to facilitate affordable housing benefiting Stanislaus County’s very low, low and moderate income citizens.
In order to support this mission, the Board of Directors and staff have incorporated the following charter of values in our daily efforts: TO improve the living conditions of our clients by meeting their needs and expectations with regards to the provision of safe, decent and affordable housing; TO insure community responsiveness by maintaining open ad honest communication with our participants by working with them, rather than for them; TO deal with our participants, communities, funding agencies and each other in a caring, responsible and ethical manner; TO treat our participants with dignity and respect, and recognizing the diversity that is within us all; TO work cooperatively with communities and their representatives to identify and address the needs of low-income residents; TO work cooperatively with other housing and supportive service providers, funding agencies and local municipalities to improve the delivery of services; TO assure efficient delivery of housing services by providing efficient and effective administrative management; an to encourage participants, community members and all others to join in our mission to provide solutions to affordable housing needs throughout Stanislaus County.