About Us

STANCO is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of acquiring land or existing housing and converting the use to affordable housing.  Since 1992 STANCO has served Modesto by providing over 100 affordable units of housing for families and shared individuals.  STANCO has demonstrated a successful track record in providing transitional and permanent supportive housing to persons with mental health disabilities, as well as owning and operating housing units at rents below market rates for persons who meet certain income eligibility.

STANCO has an all volunteer board of directors.  Our board members have backgrounds in engineering and surveying, social services and housing, law enforcement and real estate and construction.  Additionally, two board members represent organizations which provide direct services to low and very low income clients.

STANCO has a full time staff of 5 FTE, supported by a part-time office assistant and contract bookkeeping, accounting and maintenance services.  Staffing includes an executive director, property manager, office assistant and 3 resident managers.
Board of Directors
And Office Staff
Tom MacDonald, President

Dennis Wann, Vice President

Dave Cooperider, Secretary

Stephen Madison, Executive Director

Maria Brady, Housing Program Manager

Stephanie Martinez, Office Assistant
It is more than just a house.